Holiday Gift Ideas

Whether you are looking for a starter kit or just an additional piece of equipment, we have lots of gift ideas!  Here are our Top 10 gift ideas.

1.  Homebrew or Winemaking Starter Kits

homebrewstarterkit2.png  winemakingstarterkit2.png

Homebrew Starter Kits:  We have 1 gallon and 5 gallon homebrew starter kits that will make many batches of beer.  Most homebrewers brew 5 gallon batches but a 1 gallon homebrew kit is perfect for someone who has limited space or just wants to try out the hobby.  All of our homebrew starter kits can be found here or click on the links below for the individual kits:

Winemaking Starter Kits:  Our 1 gallon and 6 gallon winemaking starter kits are great for making wine from our wine ingredient kits or from fruit or juice that you gather yourself!  You can find all of our winemaking starter kits here or just click on one of the following links:

Mead & Cider:  Also check out our 1 Gallon Cider Making Starter Kit and our 1 Gallon Mead Making Starter Kit.

 2.  Kegerator


Our Komos branded kegerators are excellent quality and have a large keg capacity.  All kegerators (except if you purchase the refrigerator only without a tower) come with Intertap faucets mounted on a stainless tower. These faucets are the newest, most advanced, stainless steel forward sealing, beer faucets on the market today and will work perfectly for years. These kegerators also come with a countertop drip tray, digital thermostat, tower cooling fan, & more.  You can choose between a 1 tap, 2 tap, 3 tap, or 4 tap tower.  Check out all of our kegerators here.

We also carry a large supply of draft equipment and replacement parts if you already have a draft system that just needs a little maintenance or upgrade.  You can find all of our draft equipment here.

3.  Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheesemaking Kit


Make Mozzarella and Ricotta cheese at home with this easy-to-use Cultures for Health Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheesemaking kit. Perfect for beginners and kids, this kit makes a great gift.  This kit comes with all the ingredients and instructions you need (except milk) to make mozzarella and ricotta cheeses at home.  Each kit comes with a thermometer, 1 yard Butter Muslin, 4 ounces Citric Acid, 5 Vegetable Rennet Tablets, 8 ounces Cheese Salt, and an Instruction & Recipe Booklet.

You can find our full supply of cheesemaking ingredients and equipment here.

4.  Homebrew Recipe Ingredient Kit

10001182.png 12196.png12199.png

Are you trying to pick out a gift for someone who is currently a homebrewer?  We have plenty of 1 gallon and 5 gallon homebrew recipe kits available.  Most people who brew 5 gallons of beer brew partial mash recipes which consist of part malt extract and part grain.  This is the easiest way to brew.  More experienced homebrewers may brew all-grain recipes which require additional equipment.  So, purchasing a partial mash kit is a good idea if you aren't sure if the homebrewer brews all-grain or partial mash brews.  Check out all of our recipe kits here or click on the links below.

We also have a handy guide for our 5 gallon all-grain and partial mash recipe kits here which provides descriptions for all of our recipes.  You will need to choose a yeast to go with each recipe kit.  We recommend choosing the dry yeast option since it doesn't have to be stored in the refrigerator.

5.  Kombucha SCOBY or Kombucha Starter Kit

10452.png 11088.png

We have live kombucha SCOBYs and kombucha starter kits from Oregon Kombucha.  The live kombucha SCOBY is enough kombucha starter to make ONE gallon, but your kombucha SCOBY can be reused any number of times.  The kombucha starter kits include the kombucha SCOBY, organic tea, and a brewing guide.  You can find all of our live kombucha SCOBYs and starter kits here.

Other Kombucha Equipment Needs:  We recommend starting your kombucha in a 1 gallon glass jar and using cheesecloth on top of the jar secured with a rubber band during fermentation.

6.  SoCo Homebrew Gift Cards


Our gift cards are perfect if you can't decide what to get.  When you purchase one of our cards online, you will immediately receive an email image of your gift card with the gift card number that is used when redeeming the card.  Our gift cards do not expire!  Purchase our gift cards here.

7.  Upgrade Brew Equipment

Homebrewers can always use more equipment to help perfect the craft.  Here are some suggestions for equipment that does not normally come with initial beginner equipment sets and will allow a homebrewer to up their game.

wortchiller.png 25 Foot Wort Chiller for 5 Gallon Brews

Wort Chillers are great tools to cool the beer after the boil and before the beer is transferred to the fermenter.  A lot of homebrewers will start out using ice baths to cool the beer, and the addition of a wort chiller would make brewing easier and faster.  We recommend using a 25 foot copper coil wort chiller for 5 gallon brews.

mashtun.png 10 Gallon Cooler Mash Tun with False Bottom

 A 10 Gallon Cooler Mash Tun with a False Bottom is an excellent and economical piece of equipment that can help a homebrewer step up from 5 gallon partial mash brews to 5 gallon all-grain brews.  

ssbrewtechkettle.png 10 Gallon SS Brewtech Heavy Duty Kettle

The 10 Gallon SS Brewtech Brew Kettle has features include robust triclad bottom, internal gallon markings, and strong riveted handles with molded silicone grips that can hang the lid.  The triclad bottom helps prevent scorching and allows heat to be distributed evenly.  A homebrewer can also add a false bottom to this kettle to turn it into a heavy duty mash tun.

hopspider.png Hop Spider for Brew Kettle

The Hop Spider keeps hops together during the boil, and can be used on all appropriate sized boil pots, including the Grainfather. Made with a coarser, 800 micron mesh, for maximum wort flow and increased hop utilization. Designed with a specifically fitted hook design which can be hooked onto the side of any brew pot or the Grainfather system support ring. Perfect for those of you who would like the reassurance of a hop spider when brewing. This spider can be used for any kind of hops, including hop pellets. 


bottletree.png Bottle Tree & Bottle Rinser

The 81 Bottle Bottle Tree and the Italian Vinator Bottle Rinser are a great combo.  The bottle rinser decreases bottling time by allowing faster rinsing and draining of bottles.  The 81 bottle tree gives plenty of room for all bottles in a 5 gallon batch to properly drain before bottling a batch of beer.

anvilfermentor.png Anvil 7.5 Gallon Fermentor

The 7.5 Gallon Anvil Stainless Steel Fermentor is the perfect fermentation vessel for 5 gallon batches. The small design enables it to easily fit inside a refrigerated unit.  This fermentor has a coned bottom, embossed level markings, a rotating racking arm, a ball valve, and a liquid crystal thermometer.

8.  Wine Ingredient Kit

10001311.jpeg 11994.jpeg

Our wine ingredient kits are perfect for anyone who already has winemaking equipment and wants to make a batch of winery quality wine.  You can find all of our 1 gallon and 6 gallon wine ingredient kits here or click on one of the following links:

 9.  Electric All-In-One Brewing System

9421025514029.png 11732.png10829.png653662000163.png

The Grainfather, Mash & Boil, and the Brewzilla are great all-in-one electric brewing systems that allow homebrewers to mash their grains and then boil without having to rely on separate mash tuns and boil kettles.  We use the Grainfather in our retail store and have loved it ever since the original model came to the US market in 2015.  The Grainfather is the top of the line unit while the Mash & Boil and Brewzilla electric brew systems are a little more economical.  Check out all of our all-in-one electric brew systems here or click on one of the following links:

10.  Still Spirits Distillation Equipment

t500boilerwithcopperpotstillattachment2.png sscondenserassembly2.png coppercondenserassembly.png 9323318001615.png

Still Spirits distillation products are high quality and versatile.  The Air Still is the smallest and most economical distilling unit.  Alternatively, make larger batches with the Alembic Pot Still, Turbo 500 Still with Stainless Steel Reflux Condenser, and the Turbo 500 Still with Copper Reflux Condenser.  You can find all of our distilling equipment here or click on one of the following links: