Beer Recipe Description List

Beer Recipe Description List

We have compiled a list of our recipes and descriptions in this one document.  Each category lists the recipe name, description, alcohol by volume, color, and bitterness level.  Click on the link below to browse our recipe list.

SoCo Homebrew Recipe Description Full List

1.  Lawnmower Beers (Golden Ales, Blondes, Kolsch and Cream Ales)

2.  American & German Wheat Ales & Rye Ales

3.  Amber & Red Ales

4.  British & American Brown Ales

5.  Stouts, Porters, & Black Ales

6.  Pale Ales & IPAs

7.  British Bitters

8.  Strong American & British Ales

9.  Belgian Ales

10.  Scottish Ales

11.  Spiced Beer, Gruits, and  Autumn & Seasonal Beers

12.  Smoked Ales

13.  Sour Ales

14.  Lagers