SoCo Quick Festbier Ale - All Grain

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SoCo Quick Festbier Ale - All Grain

A golden straw colored Märzen style ale with bread & toast malt flavors.  This ale features German Tradition and Hallertau hops which provide herbal and spice flavors and aromas.  This beer is lighter in color than a lot of Oktoberfest beers found in the US.  However, this beer is lighter in body which makes this beer much more refreshing and easy to drink.

Festbiers are traditionally lagered which requires lower fermentation temperatures and a longer fermentation period.  This recipe uses German ale yeast which allows you to ferment at warmer temperatures and over a shorter period of time.


  • 5.9% ABV
  • 22.3 IBU
  • 4.6 SRM
  • 1.063 OG
  • 1.018 FG

This recipe kit DOES NOT include yeast, priming sugar or grain bags.  We do provide the following recommendations for yeast:

Recipe Sheet Download:  SoCo Quick Festbier All Grain Recipe Instructions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review