Copper Parrot Head - Small

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Copper Parrot Head - Small

The Small Copper Parrot Head is a distiller’s parrot that provides the convenience of continuous, real-time, in-line ABV measurement of the spirit as it comes out of the still. Designed for use with the Air Still Pro and Air Still, this proofing parrot will let you track the ABV of your distillate without having to take samples along the way. This allows you to closely monitor the quality of the distillate and determine where to take cuts or stop your distillation.


  • High-quality copper construction.
  • Check your alcohol percentage during distillation without interruption.
  • Compatible with the Air Still Pro, Air Still, and other small stills.
  • Moulded base allows the Parrot Head to sit on a bench top or table.


Collect the distillate as it drips from the condenser into the Parrot Head collection cone. There is no need to stop distillation or move spirit to a separate collection vessel.

Fits alcometers less than 23mm in diameter.*

*Alcometer not included.

NOTE: This unit will read no greater than 6.9" (174 mm) from the base of your alcometer. 

Parrot Head Instructions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review