CO2 Picnic Tap


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CO2 Picnic Tap

The Leland CO2 PicnicTap® is a simple CO2 pressure regulated beer tap that uses brewery approved gas. The US Sankey Base fits most US Beer Kegs. Made with high quality brass, stainless steel  and aluminum. The top-of-the-line regulator carries a lifetime warranty. 1 single 74g CO2 cylinder will easily preserve and push all of the beer out of 1/6 and 1/4 barrels. A full cylinder will almost push a 1/2 barrel. 2 full cylinders will push out a full barrel. Kit includes 2 Filled 74g CO2 Cylinders.

NO PUMPING!  NO WASTE!  Be Kind…Air Kills Beer™. When you see someone pumping air into a beer keg, rather than CO2 , they are forcing the CO2 OUT of the beer. Ever try to have a beer from the keg the next morning? We have and it's never a problem when you dispense with CO2 and keep the beer cold. It comes completely assembled and ready to use. Just pick up the keg and ice!  Each unit comes with two of the 74g CO2 Filled CO2 cylinders , complete directions and trouble-tech support hotline. Replacement parts stocked. Rapid customer service.

Kit includes:

  • Durable Gas & Beer Line
  • Easy-to-Clean Faucet
  • Adjustable Single-Knob Regulator
  • 2 Filled 74g CO2 TapGas® Cylinders (to push out 1 full keg)

Replacement 74 gram CO2 cylinders can be found here.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review