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The little guy on the block

Welcome everyone. SoCo Homebrew started up out of what was looked at as a necessity. For a very long time Austin had only one homebrew shop in the north part of town. There were many people out there that thought about the idea of another shop. Many who lived in The South part of Austin wished they had a convenient resource to obtain homebrew supplies closer to where they lived.  In 2014 this dream finally became a reality. We introduce to you all, SoCo Homebrew. There were many factors that were considered when planning SoCo Homebrew. First was that we felt that what this town needed was a small personable shop that catered to the south Austin vibe that everyone in south Austin loves. We had no intention of “Going Big”. We wanted to make a small shop that brought a higher quality product along with a true personable experience. We also wanted to bring a real sense of community to the Austin Homebrewing and craft brew community.

In March the real work began. While considering the layout of the store there were some aspects that we wanted to be different than what Austin previously had. For instance, the grain room. We really wanted the SoCo Homebrew experience to be a hands on adventure. We made sure that not only were our grain bins accessible to the customer, that they also had a detailed description and the maltster of each grain was clearly listed. The grain room at SoCo Homebrew acts as a social environment where customers can discuss and share techniques and recipes. The Staff at SoCo Hombrew consists of avid homebrewers who enjoy helping others with making great beer.

Being a part of the south Austin community means that we needed and wanted to offer more than just homebrew supplies. South Austin is a true artisan community based off a healthy sustainable lifestyle. We wanted to make sure we were set up to be able to grow and support that community. At SoCo Homebrew we offer a large variety of other craft food and drink options. If its probiotic yogurt or vegetable fermentation or just cheese making, we want to make sure we have what everyone needs. Lately a new drink is sweeping the Austin scene. Kombucha is a probiotic lightly fermented drink that is good for you in so many ways. We wanted to offer what everyone needed to make this amazing health drink.

SoCo Homebrew was imagined, created and will be sustained to offer the Austin community all the options with the freshest ingredients to keep everyone’s craft and hobby growing. We hope you all continue to create and enjoy.

Thank You

The Staff at SoCo Homebrew

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