HS-Nobility™ Hop Pellets (US) - 1 oz

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HS-Nobility™ Hop Pellets (US) - 1 oz

Sensory:  Primary aromas and flavors of citrus (lemon, orange), lemongrass, green tea, and herbaceous, with a mixture of floral and spice.

Brewing Application:  Dual-purpose blend for classic lagers from Pils to Bock, as well as hop-forward craft lager styles, Kölsch, Altbier, or any beer that calls for a balanced and refined hop character. 

Breeding/Development:  HS-Nobility™ was developed specifically for lager brewing, with a focus on a balanced noble-style hop character. After multiple rounds of brewing trials at the Rahr Technical Center, it was added to the BSG Hop Solutions portfolio in 2020.


  • Alpha Acid Range %:  4.2 - 4.5%
  • Beta Acid Range %:  4.9 - 5.3%
  • Co-Humulone as % of Alpha:  27
  • Total Oil mL/100 g:  0.7

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review